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Based on its motto: science and technology for society, and given the fact that societal challenges are global it is imperative for LSF to establish an exchange program whereby it would partner with other like-minded institutions so that together they can facilitate targeted beneficiaries to; 

  • Share knowledge, experiences, lessons learnt so as to come up with good development practices to address global challenges.
  • To enable to the collaborating institutions to facilitates the targeted beneficiaries to identify challenges obtaining within their experiential environment and to eventually come-up with appropriate solutions to such challenges on a sustainable basis
  • Likewise, the collaborating institutions could use this opportunity to support targeted beneficiaries to promote their learning and knowledge sharing experiences in the most positive way possible based on the established multi-cultural principals of cross-fertilization for the advancement of humanity world wide

This program shall gladly receive targeted beneficiaries in particular environments inform of experiential and educational exploration in order for them to understand and appreciate the solutions and resources from those environments and how they can contribute to global advancement and development on a sustainable basis. This activity could be open to students and professionals of various types but with a strong interest in exploring new and unique environments. Each of the above activities will attract some modest fee to enable LSF to generate resources that it will need to run its core programs and other activities that it will operate to advance and sustain research, science and technology development, innovation and entrepreneurship – for the benefit of humanity at the community, national and global level.

This approach will enable the organization to supplement its resource mobilization efforts from the usual development partners, to attain sustainability and to be in line with a modern resource mobilization technique of raising resource through establishing and operating social businesses on a sustainable basis so that they can learn new skills and principals used in that particular environment.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]