LSF Core Programs


Apparently Logel Science Foundation (LSF) strives to attain impact and value added outcomes through its work by focusing on the following core programs.


Given that the youth comprise 78% of Uganda’s population and yet their unemployment rate is at 83% it becomes imperative for LSF to bring them on board as key participants in its core activities. Furthermore, it is noted that the youth are a key driving force in taking the development process of any country to the desired levels and in particular inline with the support key up to date technologies for example featuring the 4th Industrial revolution technologies among others.

Science And Technology Outreach

The program is aimed at propelling young persons’ intentions for science, technology and engineering careers. The program engages the youth across the country by providing face-to-face connections.

Entrepreneurship Programme

This program is aimed at inculcating the culture of entrepreneurship into the mind-sets of young people leading to the creation of a rich, combination of young peoples` capacities in creative, business, scientific, technological, agricultural and production operations.

ICT Skills Programme

This program aims at developing and applying ICT skills in all science and technology undertakings in schools, workplaces and above all in the community (agro-based initiatives inclusive).