Situation Analysis

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A Brief Analysis of Log’el’s Role Of Advancing In Uganda

Science, Technology and Innovation are critical drivers in all our lives, i.e. representing everlasting and overlapping, sources of socio- economic development, climate change mitigation/adaptation and, poverty reduction among other factors. Advances in scientific and technological knowledge make significant improvement in the quality and sustenance of life within and between individuals, households and societies. Hence, the need to strengthen science and technology for community-wide empowerment which encompasses better livelihoods, improved nutrition together with a climate adaptation-driven environment is more than critical both today and in future.

Hence, our communities more than ever need innovative and creative scientists and technologists who can apply their knowledge, skills and entrepreneurial acumen to solve communal challenges, to cultivate a cross-cutting resilience for holistic development. This responsibility lies on the shoulders of this crop of committed innovators operating within our midst in this case, passionately championed by LOG`EL Project, in collaboration with other key players in Uganda, Africa and worldwide.

As a matter of urgent reality, it is time for Africa to move forward. But to do so effectively, all Africans need to come together to forge a united identity and voice which they could utilize to innovatively tap the continents abundant but underutilized human resource; vast agricultural potential; biodiversity and natural resources wealth; vast deposits of diverse valuable minerals; rich cultural heritage; virgin but vast, research and development resources; clean and stable climate, among others. Other support partners could join this process but as a matter of priority, it must be African-led-and-driven Africans have occupied the passenger??s seat for much too long, while traveling in the development vehicle.

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