Transforming Society through technology led innovation

Supporting society to appreciate technology

Apparently, today’s world is being driven by technology whereby a good number of commendable achievements have been attained and registered. Indeed those societies who have embraced and appreciated technology, are enjoying a multiplicity of benefits in meeting their needs as individual persons, families and communities. However, for technology to be fully useful and appreciated, we have to use it in a way that does not make it harmful to humanity.

The world today is driven by technology and the current and upcoming generations think broadly whereby they generate various ideas and solutions for the world that will come after. As a result, this generation needs a lot of support to enable them make those ideas and solutions to benefit society for today, tomorrow and the generations after.


Support Logel Science Foundation

When you support Logel Science Foundation, you inspire and spur potential innovators and entrepreneurs to spring into action which result into identifying and creating credible solutions to respond to existing and upcoming challenges in society.

Logel Science Foundation Network

Logel Science Foundation network includes civil society organizations, corporations, private sector players, local and national government institutions interested innovators and entrepreneurs and those who have similar goals and interests.

Transforming the future

Enduring humanistic challenges are the order of the day in our contemporary world and for that matter, it is imperative for man kind to utilize technology led solutions to translate the world into a more human friendly and conducive environment for the current generations and generations to come.

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The Issue Our Approach

We believe everyone who needs a computer should have one, and that device ownership is the heart of digital equity. Possessing a functioning, connected computer and the skills to use it productively is a basic, fundamental need in today’s society.