Our Approach

To the current global challenges

Given the highly complex and fluid nature of challenges that face the world today, it is imperative for us as global citizens to prepare and support next generation to have the knowledge, awareness and skills to effectively deal with the seemingly irreparable, complex situations in place. Among these “complex” situations are prevalent, high unemployment rates among the employable populations, multi-factored and widespread environmental degradation, endangering and crisis driven climate change impacts, reducing humanity conscience among others.

Given the above stated situations, it is imperative for all stakeholders to have and utilize any suitable strategies to contribute towards the reduction and control of the current challenges.

At Logel Science Foundation, we reckon that the strategies mentioned below, shall enable us to effectively contribute towards engaging and managing the current global challenges.

These strategies include;

  • Harnessing and utilizing technology to drive innovation and other development processes.
  • Cultivating and strengthening innovation processes to attain sustainable development
  • Supporting entrepreneurship to enable techno enterprises to takeoff, spread-out and operate as sustainable entities
  • Let us join efforts

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    Donate Your Technology

    We make it easy for individuals and corporations to donate used laptops, desktops, tablets, and accessories to help nonprofits around the nation support people in need.