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In the world today, it is much easier to make progress through being creative, innovative and enterprising. But above all, when these approaches are spearheaded by technology. Technology led interventions create viable impacts for sustainable development processes across societies globally.

When you support Logel Science Foundation, you inspire and spur potential innovators and entrepreneurs to spring into action which result into identifying and creating credible solutions to respond to existing and upcoming challenges in society.

Support to Logel Science Foundation could come in the various forms namely;

Volunteering at Logel Science Foundation

Committed resourceful individuals could avail their services at Logel Science Found in various fields of innovation, Technology, Entrepreneurship, Key Management processes. By volunteering in this way, you will be contributing towards uplifting diverse talents while also enriching your experience all of which put together lead to creating solutions to problems. These solutions come up in the form of products, services and mechanisms which end up being used by humanity on a sustainable basis.

This volunteerism aspect will strengthen all the key systems at Logel Science Foundation so that the organization operates in an efficient, effective and sustainable manner to support all the contemporary situations of need and those that come up in future.

Equipment Support

An organized and well resourced environment has the capacity to spark creativity and innovation in the most un expected levels possible. At Logel Science Foundation, we value this aspect highly and we thus heartily welcome all support of diverse equipment to spark innovators to optimize their potentials into solutions for the betterment of their societies including themselves.

Financial Support

The world over it is known that funds play a significant role in moving issues of interest. Like wise, all innovative processes have existed and progressed with the support of financial resources to make them successful. With your financial support, you will enable the dreams and plans of innovators and entrepreneurs to translate into real-life products, services and related solutions which could transform the lives of societies and humanity world wide.

Receive Equipment

Are you a nonprofit organization that supports students, older adults, or disadvantaged populations who need technology? If so, you can pre-qualify to receive donated technology via Digitunity.

Join the Conversation

We invite you to join the Digital Opportunity Network, a community of stakeholders united by the shared purpose of eliminating the technology gap. Participation is free. Together, we can drive local, regional, and national solutions.

Sign the Corporate Pledge

Leaders in business, government and community are urged to join Digitunity in closing the digital divide, committing to contributing funds or technology, engaging their constituents, and spreading the word.