MWC23: Unleashing Tomorrow’s Technology

MWC23: Unleashing Tomorrow’s Technology

The Mobile World Congress 2023 edition closed its curtains on March 3, after an epic week of showcasing the latest technology to the world.

Commonly known as MWC23, the annual gathering in Barcelona, Spain, is put together by Groupe Speciale Mobile Association (GSMA), a not-for-profit association representing a range of mobile operators and the broader industry players worldwide. The group boasts of more than 750 full member mobile operators and more than 400 mobile-related companies as associate members.

More than 60 global technology giants sponsored the event and two-dozen technology firms were partners of the show that ran under the theme Velocity – Unleashing tomorrow’s technology.

Yet technology firms weren’t the only specter. This year’s MWC convened more than 88,500 attendees from 202 countries and territories, including policymakers and business leaders from the mobile industry and beyond.

Returning after a two-year hiatus over the Covid-19 that pounded the globe, bringing economies to their knees and shutting down businesses, this year’s technology show was on a high on all fronts.

The greatest technology show and most influential tech event in the globe put a spotlight on the latest development in the connectivity industry. It showed – even from the outlook of the exhibitions – that Digital Transformation is moving from the world of bytes to the world of things.

The MWC23 aimed at showcasing how different mobile devices and new applications can be user-friendly; entailing aspects such as connectivity and cost efficiency.

As the show hit the ground running on February 26, various 5G applications were brought to life, followed by conversations on how the environmental, social and governance criteria remain constant in the digital transformation of an economy. Putting the customer at the forefront, the meter verse discussions showcased how customer experiences with government regulations can be changed for the better.

The numbers didn’t lie; they sent a gigantic message across the globe on the future of work, the new technology world of mining, home security, the technology of health, cheaper and efficient technology infrastructure, cloud computing, and FinTech, among others.

The user experience, as was showcased by a number of exhibitors, is a priority area of many technology firms.

With the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic, more than ever, billions of people are subscribed to the mobile internet.

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