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Your donation will help bring digital access to every person in need.

The “digital divide” is deep. 36 million Americans don’t have a computer. This digital inequity affects their ability to work, attend school, access healthcare, and so much more. This year, Digitunity placed over 50,000 computers in homes at no charge.

Next year, we’d love to place even more.

However, the ✨magic doesn’t happen without YOU.✨ Your generous donation to our year-end campaign strengthens our efforts to secure computers, develop new online tools, and support digital literacy programs.

Your contribution goes straight to work helping thousands of individuals across the U.S. gain life-changing technology access.  More specifically, your support helps:

  • At-risk youth to achieve a higher GPA in school and become community leaders
  • Working, single parents to apply for better-paying jobs
  • Veterans to access quality healthcare services
  • Individuals experiencing homelessness to access affordable housing info
  • Isolated seniors to reconnect with loved ones and engage with their community
  • People to live healthier lives on a cleaner planet thru computer reuse vs. disposal



Digitunity is uniquely positioned to help bridge the “digital divide”, but we cannot do our work without you. With your support, we will continue to get computers to the people that need them most.

Thank you!