Internship Programme

A conduit for preparing young learners for the workplace

The Logel Internship programme is aimed at enabling students to convert academic theoretical knowledge into practical skills. It acts as a conduit for preparing young learners for the workplace as it sharpens career development, school-to-work focusing and general youth transitions, dedicated to helping young people to acquire basic skills, explore career opportunities, and gain experience within the work-place and communities.

This well-rounded workforce preparation program trains young people the career-related skills necessary for success, and generally encourages them to be prepared for a variety of different careers. One common belief is that school-to-work transition must be understood as a gradually developing process that begins in the early school years and continues through the end of high school.

Program goals

  • Enable young people Integrate theoretical and practical knowledge through work experience.
  • Provide young people with opportunities to do concentrated research or project development in a specialized field under the leadership of professionals in the scientific and technological community.
  • Expose students the tested and trusted knowledge and experience of planning and documenting projects in a practical research-and- development environment.


  • To identify and select key institutions to participate.
  • To work with the identified institutions to select the students to participate in the project.
  • Discuss and agree on terms of reference to govern the students participating in the project.
  • Conduct orientation and induction of project students and stake-holders.
  • Provide hands-on training of project students.
  • Write and submit reports of students reports.


A society of diversified populations which are prosperous through harnessing technology development, innovation and entrepreneurship

Our Mission

To ensure that diverse populations become prosperous through harnessing technology development, innovation and entrepreneurship.