Incubation Programme

Assistive support to start-ups

The incubation/ accelerator program operated by LOGEL SCIENCE FOUNDATION is to provide incubation services to assist technology start-ups in their vulnerable inception stages, enabling them to grow and flourish.Three different incubation program technology and agriculture. The main objective is to encourage and promote innovation-based entrepreneurship by providing relevant assistance and support.

Our Support

During the incubation period, incubate-es will be able to enjoy subsidized ready-to-use office space and shared facilities to reduce their cost of business so that they may direct their resources towards research and development activities.

  • Office Space and Facilities
  • Technical and Management Assistance
  • Promotion and Development Assistance
  • Business Support
  • Financial Aid Package
  • Office Space and Facilities

Technical and Management Assistance

LOGEL Science Foundation has embarked on bridging incubatees to universities expertise and collaboration opportunities through consultancy, student placement or projects, as well as joint R&D projects.

  • Business Plan Consultancy Services
  • University Collaboration
  • Licensing Purchase from Universities
  • Joint R&D Projects University Student Projects
  • University Library Services
  • Professional Qualification/ Corporate Membership
  • Industry Collaboration
  • Technical and Management Training
  • Technical Support Service

Promotion & Development Assistance

  • Exhibition Services
  • Product Launch Services
  • Press Release Services
  • Media Interview Services
  • Legal Consultation
  • Business Support. We assist incubate es to source funding and build up strategic partnerships by organizing matching events and other supports.
  • Business plan consultation.
  • Matching events for incubate es and potential investors.
  • Advice in the preparation of business plan for potential investors
  • Advice on funding strategy.
  • Matching events for incubate es, technology partners and product distributors


A society of diversified populations which are prosperous through harnessing technology development, innovation and entrepreneurship

Our Mission

To ensure that diverse populations become prosperous through harnessing technology development, innovation and entrepreneurship.