About us

Science and Technology for society

LOG`EL Science Foundation is a Not-for-Profit research and development, science and technology, organization established on the basis of working to foster a relationship between innovation, technology development and entrepreneurship. The organization began in 2001, initially with the kind support of Uganda National Council for Science and Technology (UNCST) which has now been joined by other partners. In the initial phase, the organization began operating under the name of LOGÈL PROJECT but since then and given the diverse nature of its activities, the origination translated into a foundation mainly focusing on research and development, innovation, technology development and entrepreneurship.

To date, the organization has scored a variety of achievements which among others include;

  • Creating and supporting a number of techno entrepreneurs who provide solution to community based challenges.
  • Empowering youth and other groups in the mainstream and under-served communities through utilizing participatory approached to leverage themselves and their communities to higher levels of sustainable prosperity development.
  • Conducting research focusing on the increment of value aspects pertaining to indigenous knowledge.
  • Collaborating with other key institutions in implementing technology led solutions to address real-life challenges obtaining in society

These strategies include;

  • Harnessing and utilizing technology to drive innovation and other development processes.
  • Cultivating and strengthening innovation processes to attain sustainable development
  • Supporting entrepreneurship to enable techno enterprises to takeoff, spread-out and operate as sustainable entities
  • Vision

    A society of diversified populations which are prosperous through harnessing technology development, innovation and entrepreneurship

    Our Mission

    To ensure that diverse populations become prosperous through harnessing technology development, innovation and entrepreneurship


    • Enable diverse populations to improve their livelihoods for community and national growth and development.
    • Creation of an innovative and development driven society in a dynamic economy.
    • Engender the gender aspect in the national science and technology agenda.
    • Enable all development actors become more competitive and acceptable in the job market.
    • Establishment of an environment that provides for full exploitation of the old and modern research traditions that seeks to add value to humanity