LSF Strategic Thrusts

True to its innovative character, Logel Science Foundation (LSF) undertakes to adopt and utilize a blend of diverse strategies to ensure the development and delivery of quality and customer/client compliant products, services and processes. As a result, the organization is usually poised to remain relevant to its clients, policy makers and other stakeholders in Uganda, Africa and worldwide. Hence, among others, LSF’s strategies are to:

Notably, the innovative journey is not for the chicken hearted mindsets but rather for those innovators whose mindsets are vividly driven by focus, diligence, perseverance and goal attainment. Therefore, sharing of historic experiences through this page serves as a very valuable process for inspiring. Motivating and finally anchoring the innovative journey into real-life fulfilment

Steadily promote awareness raising pertaining to research and development activities that uphold and sustain all those initiatives generated and rolled out by applied science, engineering and technology.

Conduct training and capacity-building of upcoming and established scientists, engineers, technologists and entrepreneurs so that they develop, design, produce, test and deliver time-tested-and-compliant products, services and processes.

Conduct/facilitate all those research processes that ensure the generation of findings which could be translated into products, services and processes that address real-life challenges among individuals, households and communities at all levels of society.

Avail knowledge, skills, experiences, links, opportunities and resources to interested clients, for their diverse, innovative capacity-solidification so that they serve society while being informed by the virtues of reliability, expert service and, proper handling.

Enable interested clients to access and benefit from, key networks by enjoying the existing opportunities and resources thereat, in the most optimal manner possible

Provide guidance, encouragement, coaching and mentor ship to interested clients, to enable them to deliver services while being driven by the fortified values of inner-self Security.


A society of diversified populations which are prosperous through harnessing technology development, innovation and entrepreneurship

Our Mission

To ensure that diverse populations become prosperous through harnessing technology development, innovation and entrepreneurship