Logel Science Core Programs

Apparently LSF strives to attain impact and value added outcomes through its work by focusing on the following core programs.


Given that the youth comprise 78% of Uganda’s population and yet their unemployment rate is at 83% it becomes imperative for LSF to bring them on board as key participants in its core activities. Furthermore, it is noted that the youth are a key driving force in taking the development process of any country to the desired levels and in particular inline with the support key up to date technologies for example featuring the 4th Industrial revolution technologies among others.


In principal, this program undertakes to apply the principals of academic research for overall guidance but given that the organization’s research activities aim at producing development results/ solutions it is imperative for its research activities to use the implementation approach. In other words, LSF shall conduct research work whose findings shall be converted into goods and services that facilitate the development process to take shape for the benefit of communities on a sustainable basis.


Based on its motto: science and technology for society, and given the fact that societal challenges are global. It is imperative for LSF to establish an exchange program whereby it would partner with other like-minded institutions/ individuals so that together they can facilitate targeted beneficiaries to;